Robbie Dee

Robbie Dee of Dee Motors in Anaconda is expecting the charitable giving of the dealership to exceed $15,000 this year alone.

Robbie Dee, 39, is the third generation to manage family-owned Dee Motors in Anaconda, now entering its 72nd year in business.

Dee's grandfather, Leonard Dee, launched the business in 1946. His dad, Bill, took over management in the 1980s.

Robbie Dee now manages advertising, sales, and directs financing, and is apt to be the next general manager.

Today's schedule ran the gamut for Dee, who met with sales staff, crafted radio advertising, prepped for filming an ad for television, arranged dealer trades and sealed deals on two new cars.

"I kind of wore every hat today," he said.

And Dee believes there's a reason the long standing business is so successful: excellent customer service.

Their motto, "We'll always treat you right," is also his personal mantra.

"When you treat people right, they'll treat you right and come back." he said. "It's the best way to attract and retain customers."

His biggest challenge is making sure there are enough sales for the sales people, and making sure customers are still coming in the door looking for cars, Dee said.

"It's really a juggling act keep the inventory in check," he said.

Matching customers to cars requires careful listening to customers.

"I have to make sure I have the right mix of cars all the time — four-wheel-drives, trucks, cars, vans. Every single person who rolls through here has a unique set of needs as to what they use a vehicle for. You have to listen to their story."

Job satisfaction for Dee is making people happy. That magic happens when he matches the right customer to the right vehicle.

"When the sale is over and the customers beaming, and we are part of their experience, it's just one of the greatest feelings you ever have," he said. "Helping them obtain the second largest or maybe largest purchase they'll lever make."

Dee also launched the company's pay it forward program called Dee's Charitable Giving.

"With every vehicle we sell, money is contributed to a civic organization or charity, needy families, anyone needing a financial boost," he said.

Dee lives in Anaconda with his wife, Audrey, a nurse at Community Hospital of Anaconda, and their two children, Meghan, 12, and Gavin, 9.


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