Joe Dziak

Joe Dziak commented on William (Bill) Gallagher, 78

Ellen and family, so very sorry for your loss. Rest In Peace Bill.

Ok: Lenz implies that if “price controls” are implemented, the number of health care providers will recede. Where are they going to relocate to; Canada?, England?, Germany? Cuba? China? Russia?

Joe Dziak commented on Background checks?

Sic..”dwarf trends”

Joe Dziak commented on Background checks?

This article was in USA Today Mr Hansen, it also said that “state and federal officials say they don’t have the resources to deal with the mounting numbers of lie and try cases”. Also, too many states still fail to provide checks to the FBIs instant check. And lastly, “The bottom line is …

Joe Dziak commented on Dr. Larry 'Jake' Jacobson, 80

Friendly and affable Jake. My memory is when he traded the truck he drove from Minnesota, a veteran of many salt/sand winters, put a new meaning to the word “rust”. Rest In Peace Jake.

Joe Dziak commented on James Paul ‘Jimm’ Kilmer, 83

Always fun to visit with on a variety of subjects. Condolences to the family, Rest In Peace Jimm.

Joe Dziak commented on Dean M. Reed, 92

Apologies....old eyes. Rest In Peace Dean

Joe Dziak commented on Dean M. Reed, 92

One of the nicest guys you will ever meet Reat In Peace Dean.

So Gary, please tell the daughter/granddaughter of our good friends at Georgetown Lake that her experience in Las Vegas at a mass shooting was “random”.?

Supply and demand at work here. Anyone who had anything to do with the automobile business in the 70s and 80s especially , saw the writing on the wall; Americans were fed up with corporations that valued profits over quality. Japan filled that void. A book called “The Reckoning “ tells it…

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