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Just couple of things. Obama refusing to hand over document's related to fast and furious is not the same. Trump was using his office to dig up dirt on a opponent. Trump has attempted blocked every witness and document pertaining to the Ukraine. His killing of the Iranian general was noth…

Witnesses' need to include Rudy Giuliani, Bolton, Mike Pompeo, and Mulvaney. Trump and the GOP will try to block any testimony by them because it would reveal the truth that Trump thinks he above the law just like any king.

Trump thinks he is king of the U.S.

I emailed Daines and requested that he allow witnesses to testify and listen to the evidence. His reply was he did not care what the witness had to say Trump ls not guilty.

Wally Lindquist commented on Healthcare funding

Gianforte and Daines believe that if you can not afford health care you don't deserve health care.

Wally Lindquist commented on Impartiality needed

I wrote Daines and asked him to listen to the evidence. He wrote back stating he had heard all the evidence he needs to, Trump is not guilty.

Wally Lindquist commented on Trump and military

Trump did not have any idea about Gallagher until he watched Fox and Friends. What does it say about Trump that he pardons someone based on a TV show? Of course, we should not be at all surprised he left the Kurds to be slaughtered because Erdogan told him to. He is the laughing stock of …

Wally Lindquist commented on Party above country?

I wrote Daines asking him to please listen to all the testimony relating to the impeachment. He wrote back and basically told me he would not. He referred to the redacted letter Trump released and said it was over.

The only thing to do is vote everyone off the PSC.

That will be the day when anyone in the GOP puts country before party.

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