Thomas Weis

The Dumpers caused the problem, it was only a matter of time, i quit shooting there years ago because of the garbage

Thomas Weis commented on Ramona Rae (Dotson) Dunn, 57

Sorry for your loss, Ramona was a super person ??

to bad the officer missed

Clear case of mental illness, he shouldn't be able to leave Warm Springs EVER

I'm all for it, locals and public should be involved

answer the door for these two with a weapon

keep them all in jail for a while

anyone buy a vehicle from this theif

Bullock needs to step up, State can't rely on feds any longer, states need to be responsible for a change

Thomas Weis commented on Anthony Joseph Mufich, 80

Thoughts and Prayers are with the entire Mufich family

Thomas Weis

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