Jesse Cole

Trump did not mention sex or race in his comments to the hateful Anti-American "squad" of 4, entitled, arrogant and ignorant women. Trump was pointing out the obvious. Since they hate American, what are they here for? Why are they in Congress? Interestingly, the "goon" Squads anti America…

Child the parents, who are enlisting their kids in a crime to cross into the USA. We should be proscecuting them or sending them back.

This is a terrible analysis which rests upon the fallacy that tax cuts cost the government money, and must be paid for. It's our money, not the government. If the government is supposed to get enough tax money to "pay for itself", then tax rates would likely triple. There have been record…

Jesse Cole commented on Protect, improve Affordable Care Act

Obamacare, AKA the (Un)affordable care act, has been a slow motion disaster. Continuing on this path with socialized medical care will destroy any freedom of health care choice, and resultant terrible quality of care, in the United States. Just as it has in our VA system, and England's Na…

The media is biased and arrogant. There are too many inaccuracies in your piece to address here. I suggest you get a copy of Mark Levin's new book, Unfreedom of the Press, and educate yourself.

No, we don't.

If you want children, then pay for them yourself.

We don't really care what they do in the rest of the world. But if you think the rest of the world is so great, you are free to emigrate.

There's enough wealth redistribution. Quit taking people's money by …

A number of scientists and forest management experts disagree with pretty much all of your assertions.

A license for my pet bee, Eric? Eric the half bee?

Ridiculous. Too many democrats in the Republican Party in Montana for my taste.

Actually, armed school officers have successfully used guns to prevent mass shootings, and there are no cases where an armed teacher or school officer misused a firearm. This is more Billings Gazette/NYT propaganda.

As for Bullock, he should resign as governor. If he wants to run on hi…

Oh, good, a rodeo clown joins the democratic clown line up for president.

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