Jim Schwindt

But, but, but.....Trump promised us that he was only going to pick "the very best people" for his administration. I'm soooo disappointed.

Attempting to talk grain or any agricultural product with Donald Trump is a waste of time and breath. He wouldn't know rice from wheat. I doubt that he knows the difference between a steer and a heifer.

If the subject drifts to anything that's outside of New York City or his Mar A…

I reckon Sanders got sick and tired of lying the liar in chief.

Mare dirty tricks from an already crooked Republican party.
To Max Bucks: If you can't understand context, I pity you. But to clarify for you, the "does not cost money" statement refers to the fact that an individual is not asked for money in order to complete and return his/…

Daines is nothing but a Trump Toady. So don't expect him to sign on. Like most right wing republicons, Daines denies scientific evidence. My must, or else he'd have been one of the first to co-sponsor this bill. The scientific evidence is more than abundant. What is Daines waiting for?

Did Trump cede Yellowstone Park to Putin?

If Trump is driving the money changers out of the temple, then why has he hired nearly all billionaires for his cabinet. For example, Steven Mnuchin of Goldman made personal millions of dollars off the backs of those on whom he forclosed. Bannon is also an ex-Goldman crony who has made mil…

I'm sorry for the financial troubles Mr. Blixseth has gotten into. But I'd like to say one thing about him as a person. I worked for Tim Blixseth in 1998 when we were building the Yellowstone Club. I drove a dump truck and worked with some heavy equipment while we were building the ski sl…

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