Clay Baiker

This is an excellent letter. As one vet to another, thank you for your service, and keep supporting real American values.

Billings has some of the worse drivers in the nation so the ship appears to be living up to that.

Political grandstanding by Daines. The only jobs he was interested in filling were when he was in Gianfarte's business. And, you know what? In that business they brought in around 60 foreign workers on H1-B visas instead of giving jobs to Americans. It's a well-documented strategy to hire…

Thee are really only two outcomes to this debate:

1) abortion is protected as a medical procedure between the doctor and patient
2) the unborn are granted the full protection of citizenship from conception

Those advocating for the 2nd will never be satisfied until their goal …

“It is faith that should embarrass the faithful.”

Well, yes, and embarrassed they should be. After all, here we are in the 21st-century and we still have people who believe that characters in a 2,000-year old book of sheepherder mythology are real.

Pence said the faithful will b…

Clay Baiker commented on Scary commercials

Well-stayed, jack. And part of the problem is America’s addiction to TV. The last study I saw said that Americans watch over 5 hours per day. With 20 minutes per hour devoted to commercials it’s easy to see how they’ve become brainwashed. Who is going to shop for medicine by TV commercial…

Clay Baiker commented on Party before people

Max said”...often have values completely contrary to Butte values.”

Could you please enumerate these “Butte values?”

Clay Baiker commented on Hoax is over

Larry said “this is not a socialist country”

And neither is it one that operates purely on free market capitalism. There are many aspects of socialism that the public supports, especially in Montana.

Max Bucks must get his news from an alternative universe.

Def, in other words, you are pulling this nonsense out of your dark place.

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