Dori Skrukrud

And your qualifications, as well as data to support your claim that all are wasting their time.
There is none and to make a broad, sweeping, generalization makes you an emotionally drive silly boy.

Dori Skrukrud commented on Conservative path

It amazes me to hear rhetoric such as this from Montana Republicans. Having grown up as a Catholic kid in Utah I became acutely aware of political conservativism and politically conservative issues. The problem with Montana Republicans is that they are ignorant of both. They're not Conservat…

Miller, your Home Depot and Lowe's comment illustrates that you don't know what you are talking about. The mark up at Lowes is 42% on average. The mark up on items at say Triple S is lower in order to maintain competitive pricing, which they do. Where they cannot compete is on returns. The …

Dori Skrukrud commented on Unbelievable

Grow up. In oppossing abortion you are denying the civil rights of an entire class of people: women.
We don't live in a perfect world and you need to mind your own business. . . . .CHRIS HARRIS

Dori Skrukrud commented on Misleading argument

I've known Jackie Mathews for decades and have yet to ever hear a sound argument from her. . . . . .CHRIS HARRIS

Illegal Jimbo. Nice try. . . . . .CHRIS H ARRIS

Excellent reporting. . . . . . CHRIS HARRIS

This just happened today, Thursday afternoon.

Dori Skrukrud commented on Anaconda says goodbye to 'bad' buildings

Another example of your broad, sweeping, idealistic, exegesis. Your comments are meaningless Brian. And it hasn't escaped my attention that all of your solutions involve someone else's checkbook, again! . . . . CHRIS HARRIS

"Harmfully negligent" and "financial incompetence," pretty strong language and across the line to libelous Gerald. In addition to being false. The facts do not support your comment. . . . CHRIS HARRIS

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