Richard Garlish

Awesome just awesome. Thanks to the many and especially Precision.

Richard Garlish commented on Guest view: Of lightning, guns and media

Nice try, Gar. There were 11000 deaths by gun (murder and suicide) in 2017. I am not an anti- gun zealot but you do the very same thing in spades that you accuse the media of doing, that is, skewing the data to sell your message. If 11000 people a year got killed by lightning, I would bet…

Richard Garlish commented on Jack D. Tanner, 86

“Tanner” was a great guy. He lockered by me at BCC and he always had the greatest smile. 86, pretty good run, Tanner. God Bless.

That’s about the height of it. A convicted felon passing judgment on a 13 year old.

Hiawatha, Hi Brown, umpired for years at Mile High Little League. He was everybody’s favorite. We were so lucky to have such a dedicated, nice guy to encourage and “Call em.” Thanks for the story.

I have such respect for those 4 sport athletes. As a matter of fact the whole community does as Butte's Hall of Famers are largely multiple sport athletes. Hats off to kids who have an appreciation for multiple sports; I know your coaches appreciate you.

Aw, don’t give me that bologna about nothing for teens. This park is just as much for them as any other age group. Swimming, water slides, golf, tennis, picnic areas, concessions. Carousel is great for just hanging out and enjoying pizza and pop. What else would you like the community to …

Richard Garlish commented on Everyone invited to Stodden Park ceremony

Awesome just awesome. Truly a source of community pride so I would just like to ask the vandals to please show a little respect as maybe your own little brother or sister would like to enjoy a park built for kids. Many my age wanted kids to have a “Gardens” like we did and now we have it.…

I hope that an increased percentage of sports betting revenue would go to horse racing at one site, Great Falls. Montanans are crying for racing and a small portion of sports lottery currently goes to supporting horse racing but it is not enough. Also, there is not enough money to finance…

Richard Garlish commented on James Thomas Barry, 76

Jim was a good guy. High praise I think. Divide and Dewey will miss him. He was very proud of his kids and mentioned them often which is about the greatest tribute to a life well lived.

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