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amy lockmer commented on Council approves Butte police pay plan

This has reached an unsustainable place. If it weren’t so serious it would be laughable. Butte has reached a new economic low, despite all of the economic development county positions and this is how they treat the property owners paying their bloated salaries.

amy lockmer commented on Council approves Butte police pay plan

Well said. Thank you

they are very well compensated and knew what the pay was going in. If 10k isn't enough for 90 days, walk away..there are others who are happy to serve the public.

perhaps if those that are in charge of economic development would actually develop the economy, Butte would have better paying jobs and people who want it would have more opportunity

I doubt Trump has anything to do with this.....its our overspending, never enough money, non producing local government. cheer up, after all the increases your taxes could go down 56 cents.

enough hiring, enough salary and benefit us some economic development and lower our taxes rather than raising them

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Well stated so everyone should understand, thank you

Absolutely taxes are unaffordable now....1.87 mil for salary and benefit increase? while our $$$decrease through increased tax? QUIT SPENDING!!!

agreed.....on the hook for the water park, road this???? it's too much...let taxpayers vote on it

what happened to the 35 million bullock stole from the state fund for the fire season last year?