Mystic Hunter

Great job Judge Porky, Butt has been needing a system like this for years.

You can't fix stupid, straight up brain dead.

Good luck trying to blame your prison stay on everyone else this time Cody Lucier, time to face the music and accept the fact that maybe you are simply just a pos.

ok they didn't delete anything, i'm just a moron and didn't realize comments take a min to post on mtstandards outdated servers.

Don't really care for this person but 7 years is extreme for this alleged crime, in my opinion Brad Newman is a complete pos and the morons up at that courthouse just do whatever they want and make things up as they go. No justice served here, just more victims created by a broken and cor…

Don't care for this person at all but 7 years seems a bit harsh for this crime, just my opinion but Brad Newman is a complete pos and the morons up at that court house just make things up as they go and do whatever they want. No justice served here just more victims created. TM

Can't believe that cringey fat little hobbit Josh Henry is still at it. 33 with the mental capacity of a 13 year old, you're pathetic.

Guarantee James was getting the drugs from his sister Nicole Starcevich, she's been dealing meth around this town for years and always gets away with it, wouldn't doubt if she was the one who got this kid addicted and gave/sold him the drugs he got caught with.

@kristin vinecke you can text my phone 2000 times if you want sweet heart, 10/10 would smash.

Enjoy prison and a nice long stint of parole after. Nasty women

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