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Butte Trap Club 

Team Standings

Arc Electric;937

Federal Better Homes Org.;906

Baker Auto;896

Cooney’s Locksmith;887

Cooney’s Security;886

Archibald Co.;874

Wattnem Construction;870

Lisac’s Tri Stop & Casino;861

First Citizens Bank;855

Vu Villa/Lockmer Plumbing/3 Bears;826

Maloney’s/Treasure Chest;818

Pro Build/G&M;795

J & C Body Shop;654

12 G Girls;576

High Individual Scores

Long Yardage;25x27

Bill Daly;45x50

Dan Radamacher;45x50

Billy Bob White;45x50

Tim Cassidy;44x50

Al Petersen;43x50

Mid Yardage;22x24

Jason Cartin;47x50

Kevin Zimpel;46x50

Mike Hinman;44x50

Mark Moline;42x50

Short Yardage;19x21

Gus Bolton;48x50

Mike Krzan;45x50

Mike Fink;44x50

Kyler Fink;43x50

High Lady Scores

Hannah Anderson;43x50

Colleen Fink;39x50

High Junior Scores

Kohlten Fultz;42x50

Brandon Lyons;40x50

High Wobble Scores

Brandon Lyons;43x50

John Helfrich;42x50

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