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The Butte USBC City Bowling Championships were held recently at the Star Lanes. The Championships consisted of the 14th Annual USBC City Open Tournament and 7th Annual Women’s USBC Singles Tournament.

Some highlights of the tournament were: Denton Martinich (Division 1) and Steven Dobb (Division 2) were the scratch all events champions of the Open Championship Tournament. Brenda Shaffer (Division 1) and Julie Walsh (Division 2) were the champions of the Women’s Open Tournament. The high game of the tournament was a perfect game of 300 rolled by Mike Krankowski during team event. The high scratch series of the tournament was 780 rolled by Nate Gelling during team event.

Every year the Butte Bowling Association sponsors honor teams made up of some of our oldest active bowlers. This years men’s honor team was made up of Dave Andrews, Ray Marshall, Robert Marcantelli, and Leroy Lee. Eva Johnson, Joan Murphy, Marianne Hanie, and June Chandler made up the women’s honor team.

This years championship tournament was made up of 66 bowlers in division 1(average 175 and up), 55 bowlers in division 2 (average 174 and under) for a total of 121 bowlers that made up 38 teams, 52 doubles, 104 singles, and 82 all events entries.

This is the seventh year that the women’s tournament has been a singles event only. The tournament had 10 bowlers in division 1 (average 153 and up), and 17 bowlers in division 2 (average 152 and under).

The final standings for the tournaments top five positions are as follows: 

City Women’s Singles Tournament

Singles, Div #1 153 & Up, Handicapped


1;Shaffer Brenda E.;675

2;Zimpel Debbie A.;660

3;Kriewald Rochelle D.;657

4;Kindt Kira D.;648

5;Tripp Kalee D.;616

Singles, Div #2 152 & Under, Handicapped


1;Walsh Julie A.;686

2;Olson Debbie A.;671

3;O'Neill Cathy M.;669

4;Ewalt Brittany N.;666

5;Midtlyng Debbie S.;654

City Open Championship Tournament

Team, Div #1 700 & Up, Handicapped


1;Taco Johns Men's;2,787

2;Papa Mike & His Bunch;2,771

3;After 8;2,765

4;Thompson's Distributing #3;2,763

5;Triple S #1;2,758

Team, Div #2 699 & Under, Handicapped


1;Daniel Financial Services;2,719

2;Two Wheelz;2,690

3;Crazee Carols;2,624

4;Evening Stars;2,584

5;Taco Johns #1;2,536

Doubles, Div #1 350 & Up, Handicapped


1;Farstveet Cory N. \ Doyle Christopher M.;1,419

2;Parrett Walter T. \ McKenzie Jim A.;1,405

3;Dobb Steven J. \ Honer Steven P.;1,403

4;Bragg Travis T. \ Martinich Denton J.;1,395

5;Hodges Mark \ Burch Derek A.;1,383

Doubles, Div #2 349 & Under, Handicapped


1;Jacobs Josh W. \ Jacobs Gary W. Jr;1,387

2;Midtlyng Neil T. \ Wise Maxwell P.;1,379

3;Reimard Robert W. \ Stanton Stan J.;1,372

4;Walsh John P. \ Johnson Rodney D.;1,361

5;Curran Sean M. \ Harcharik Justin M.;1,341

Singles, Div #1 175 & Up, Handicapped


1;Peterson Kevin J.;802

2;Cottom Brad A.;782

3;Konecny Dennis J.;779

3;Lorengo Vic;779

5;Robbins Edward J.;775

Singles, Div #2 174 & Under, Handicapped


1;Dobb Steven J.;783

2;Comer Les;760

3;Maloughney Devin J.;739

4;Jacobs Josh W.;737

4;Schulte Mike R.;737

All Events, Div #1 175 & Up, Handicapped


1;Bosch Ryley O.;2,155

2;Johnson Jerry D.;2,116

3;Konecny Dennis J.;2,112

4;Chavis Aaron A.;2,111

5;Peterson Kevin J.;2,090

All Events, Div #2 174 & Under, Handicapped


1;Schulte Mike R.;2,270

2;Dobb Steven J.;2,258

3;Jacobs Josh W.;2,234

4;Comer Les;2,182

5;Maloughney Devin J.;2,161

Scratch All Events, Div #1 175 & Up, Scratch


1;Martinich Denton J.;2,046

2;Hodges Mark;2,042

3;Burch Derek A.;2,017

4;Martinich Joe M.;1,964

5;Robbins Edward J.;1,952

Scratch All Events, Div #2 174 & Under, Scratch


1;Dobb Steven J.;1,772

2;Schulte Mike R.;1,769

3;Comer Les;1,624

4;Parrett Walter T.;1,619

5;Maloughney Devin J.;1,612


Last weekend the Butte youth bowlers took to the lanes to compete in the 14th Annual USBC Youth City Championships at Star Lanes. This year featured a total of 79 youth competitors over all the divisions. The youth not only competed for a place on the podium but they also competed for scholarships. The Handicapped All Events winners in each division received a scholarship. In addition, this year there was a participation award for a scholarship. Every youth that bowled in an event was entered into a random drawing, this allowed everyone at every skill level to have an opportunity to win a scholarship.

Joslyn Klapan was the high scorer of the tournament winning the scratch all events title. On her run to the title she out averaged the field by 9 pins. She knocked down 1,761 pins over nine games (196 average). Along the way to the all events title she rolled the girl’s high game of 242 and had a series of 629 pins. The boy’s high game, and high game of the tournament, came from Brady Garner with a 246. He also put together the boy’s high scratch series of 600.

Tourney first place winners follow (* represents scholarship winners):

Division 1

Team Event: Throw it Better —(Kyra Bragg, Morgan Meagor, Kole Bragg, Joslyn Klapan) 2,460.

Doubles: Joslyn Klapan and Lucas Forthofer 1,251.

Singles: Joslyn Klapan 654.

Handicapped All Events: Girls – Joslyn Klapan* 1,914; Boys – Treyton Betterman* 1,859.

Scratch All Events: Girls – Joslyn Klapan 1,761; Boys – Kayden Dziak 1,682.

Division 2

Team Event: Bull Pups: (Sydney Keller, Taylor Garrett, Cassie Fitzpatrick, Connor Allen) 2,471.

Doubles: Kayli Thomas and Arianna Grundhauser 1,255.

Singles: Connor Allen 693.

Handicapped All Events: Girls — Charlize Forthofer* 1,884; Boys – Brendan O’Boyle* 1,972.

Scratch All Events: Girls — Sydney Keller 1,222; Boys – Brendan O’Boyle 1366.

Division 3

Team Event: Strikers — (Brylynn Sawtell, Kolton Johnson, Jackson Alberty, Jaxson Craig) 1,592.

Doubles: Aspyn Danielson and Arianna Garcia 843.

Singles: Caleb Heard 478.

Handicapped All Events: Girls – Hannah Black* 1,326; Boys – Mason Shogren* 1,302.

Scratch All Events: Girls — Addyson Hayes 604; Boys – Kyler Rector 750.

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