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ANACONDA — The Manhattan Christian Eagles spread their wings during the first round on Tuesday and, in the final round on Wednesday, took full flight. 

The end result was a clean sweep of the individual and team titles at the State C Golf Tournament in Fairmont Springs on a cool afternoon marked by a brief spell of steady rain and gusting winds.

The Manhattan Christian girls claimed their second-straight team championship while the boys took the team title for the third time and first since 2012. 

State C Golf - Cullen Visser chip shot

Manhattan Christian's Cullen Visser watches his chip shot arc towards the green on the 18th hole on Wednesday at Fairmont Hot Springs.

In the boys tournament, Caidin Hill rode his strong first round to a photograph finish victory for the individual title. The freshmen shrugged off some second round struggles to conclude the tournament with a two-day total of 165, edging Fairview's Alex Schriver who finished at 166 after carding a second round-leading 81. 

"We're pretty good," Hill said with a grin when asked about his team claiming all four titles. "Our coaches do a very good job of getting us through good practices and getting us good time at the range. I think it's a testament of how we work together and work towards a common goal." 

The short game — the one thing Hill lamented about his first round top score of 79 — again proved challenging on the second day, leaving him to grind out an 86 for the razor-thin win. 

State C Golf - Jillian Frye 1

Manhattan Christian's Jillian Frye tees off on hole No. 1 during the second round of the State C Golf Tournament on Wednesday at Fairmont Hot Springs. Frye won the girls division and helped pace the Eagles to a consecutive team title.

What helped his cause was that just about everyone else had difficulty deciphering the green.  

"I guess we were all pretty inconsistent on speed," Hill said. "But everyone played on the same green so you just had to play through it." 

Cullen Visser and Caleb Bellach both posted Top 10 marks to help the Eagles' boys secure the team title. Visser finished in third with a 169 and Bellach scored a 177 to tie for tenth with Park City's Talon and Tristen Johnstone. The Johnstone's scores lifted the Panthers to a second-place team finish (525) and Gardiner claimed third with a 531. 

In the girls division, junior Jillian Frye followed up her first round-best 91 with an even better encore, relying on pinpoint drives to finish the second day with an 87 for a two-day total of 178. 

Despite battling a swift torrent of rain that began to fall as most golfers had turned the corner, Frye — who aspires to play at the collegiate level — said she stayed locked in.  

"It's incredible," Frye said of winning it all after taking third last season. "When you want to play college golf you've got to work hard at it and put all this effort in all season. But it's incredible to say I won State my junior year."

Teammates Alex VanDyken and Maddie Liudahl finished in eighth and 12th place respectively to ensure the title stayed with the Eagles.

Frye's robust second round performance held off Ennis' Landri Paladichuk and Harlowton's Madison Wasson. Paladichuk finished in second with a 183 and Wasson at third with a 188. Wasson's score powered the Engineers to a consecutive second place finish with a two-day total of 642, slipping past third-place Lone Peak's 643. 

Manhattan Christian boys and girls coach Jeff Bellach stressed that this team milestone was, after all, truly a team effort. He gave credit to both the players and his assistant coaches. 

"This is a family," Bellach said. "They all get along great and they all have each others backs. I'm really proud of these kids. It was a blessing to come and play at this course." 

State C Golf Tournament

Tuesday and Wednesday

At Fairmont Hot Springs


Team scores: 1. Manhattan Christian 511, 2. Park City 525, 3. Garinder 531, T4. Fairivew 546, T4 Westby-Grenora 546, 6. Great Falls Central 566, 7. Lone Peak 581, 8. Fort Benton 589, 9. Absarokee 608, 10. Broadus 610, 11. Plentywood 611, 12. Bainville 616, 13. Chinook 626.

Top 15: Caidin Hill, Manhattan Christian, 165; Alex Schriver, Fairview, 166; Cullen Visser, Manhattan Christian, 169; Troy Amdsen, Broadus, 170; Jacob Perius, Gardiner, 170; Sean Reimer, Gardiner, 173; Tucker Johnstone, Park City, 174; Nick Scott, Great Falls Central, 174; Will Syverson, White Sulphur Springs, 176; Tristen Johnstone, Park City, 177; Caleb Bellach, Manhattan Christian, 177; Talon Johnstone, Park City, 177; Jeremiah Paine, Westby-Grenora, 178; Ryan Scott, Fort Benton, 180; Teigan Isaacson, Centerville, 181.

Team by team

Absarokee (301-307—608): Mikol Degele 90-96—186, Zacc Degele 97-108—205, Simon Hanson 52-103—217.

Bainville (318-298—616): Derek Bowker 96-94—190, Hunter Bowker 106-94—200, Ethan Romo 116-110—226, Davey Winn 119-123—242.

Broadus (314-296—610): Troy Amsden 86-84—170, Dalton Amsden 100-100-200, Clay LaPlant 128-114—242, Tate Harmon 130-112—242.

Centerville: Teigan Isaacson 92-89—181, Brandon Travis 91-91—182.

Chinook (322-304—626): Tamer Jamieson 98-97—195, Brandon Paulsen 108-102—210 , Jacob Huckabee 116-105—221.

Culbertson: Payton Hauge 105-95—200.

Darby: Ryley Conner 101-83—184.

Denton: Kyle Lee 107-96—203.

Ennis: John Fortier 108-118—226.

Fairview (275-271—546): Alex Schriver 85-81—166, Adam Elletson 95-96—191, Lak Kloker 98-94—192, Gerit Johnson 95-100—195.

Fort Benton (300-289—589): Ryan Scott 90-90—180, Billy Ullery 99-104—203, Andy Giles 111-95-206, Jace Pimperton 117-106—223.

Froid-Medicine Lake: Chance Parsons 97-103—200.

Gardiner (269-262—531): Jacob Perius 88-82—170, Sean Rehmer 85-88—173, Oscar Dalling 97-92—189, Bennett Roberts 96-96—192.

Great Falls Central (291-275—566): Nick Scott 84-90—174, Logan Warren 100-84—184, Jackson Malsam 107-101—208, Jon Rudd 108-102—210.

Heart Butte: Anthony Aimsback 103-107—210.

Lone Peak (304-277—581): Nick Idkenderian 93-94—187, Sam Johnson 99-95—194, Evan Iskenderian 112-88—200, Harry Schreiner 113-118—231.

Manhattan Christian (251-260-511): Caidin Hill 79-86—165, Cullen Visser 84-85—169, Caleb Bellach 88-89—177, David Aamot 95-93—188.

Sunburst: Cody Hanson 98-102—200, Lane Lerum 101-105—206.

Park City (267-256—525): Tucker Johnstone 84-90—174, Tristen Johnstone 88-89—177, Talon Johnstone 98-79—177, Austin Popp 95-92—187.

Plentywood (307-304—611): Alex Wiens 98-103—201, Nate Harris 102-99—201, Randy Heppner 107-102—209.

Westby-Grenora: Jermiah Paine 86-96—178, Kale Peterson 86-97—183, Jack Solberg 95-90—185.


Team scores: 1. Manhattan Christian 588, 2. Harlowton 642, 3. Lone Peak 643, 4. Chinook 646, 5. Great Falls Central 682, 6. Scobey 683, 7. Belt 686, 8. Fairview 693, 9. Richey-Lambert 703.

Top 15: Jillian Frye, Manhattan Christian, 178; Landri Paladichuk, Ennis, 183; Madison Wasson, Harlowton, 188; Delaney Pruiett, Lone Peak, 196; Hannah Schweitzer, Belt, 196; Carrie Hofer, Chinook, 199; Leotie Whitehead, Richey-Lambert, 200; Alexa VanDyken, Manhattan Christian, 201; Sarah Maynard, Lone Peak, 203; Hallie Wangerin, Plentywood, 206; ShaAnn Danelson, Scobey, 206; Maddie Liudahl, Manhattan Christian, 209; Ashley MacLeod, Chinook, 211; Jaelyn Viellux, Fort Benton, 211; Sahara Scott, Fort Benton, 211.

Team by team

Absarokee: Hanah Kelly 105-114—219, Maggie Howes 112-116—228.

Alberton Superior: Jonna Warnken 112-112—224.

Belt (353-333—686): Hannah Schweitzer 98-98—196, Karlee Permann 126-115—241, Natalie Larsen 129-120—249.

Broadus: Callie Williams 100-114—214, Kaycee Layne 117-116—233.

Cascade: Georgia Mortag 115-215—240.

Chinook (329-317—646) Carrie Hofer 97-102—199, Ashley MacLeod 108-103—211, Hailey Bell 124-112—236, Alyssa Gruszie 126-117—243.

Centerville: Hailey Konesky 137-142—279.

Culbertson: Summer Romo 126-125—251.

Denton: Julia Grubb 137-124—279.

Ennis: Landri Paladichuk 93-90—183, Logan Crowley 116-116—232.

Fairview (355-338—693): Ally Young 114-105—219, Jade Schlothauer 121-115—236, Bailey Seader 120-118—238.

Fort Benton: Jaelyn Vielleux 109-102—211, Sahara Scott 114-97—211.

Great Falls Central (335-347—682): McKenna Malsam 109-114—223, Kendall Haverlandt 117-112—229, Emily Pahut 109-121—230.

Harlowton (317-325—642): Sage King 107-109—216, Keeley Chrest 131-121—252, Teagan Oliva 117-N/A—N/A, Alina Hiner N/A-122—N/A, Madison Wasson 93-95—188.

Lone Peak (327-316—643): Delaney Pruiett 93-103—196, Sarah Maynard 107-96—203, Lyli McCarthy 127-117—244.

Manhattan Christian (307-281—588): Jillian Frye 91-87—178, Alexa VanDyken 110-91—201, Maddie Liudahl 106-103—209.

Plentywood: Hallie Wangerin 102-104—206, Korryn Freeman 120-118—238.

Richey-Lambert (361-342—703): Leotie Whitehead 101-99—200, Ana Ghinet 123-118—241, Aybuke Tombul 142-125—267, Sarah Helmuth 137-135—272.

Saco: Jada Sudbrack 108-116-224.

Savage: Tyler Lein 122-108—230.

Scobey (336-347—683): ShaAnn Danelson 103-103—206, Erin Hagan 115-118—233, Sage Kilgore 118-126—244.

Valier: Kinlee Salois 125-128—253.


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