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Scoreboard: High school football honors teams

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Class B

Southern B

All-state: Gavin Vandenacre, Townsend; Trey Johannes, Columbus; Trey Hoveland, Townsend; Jake Genger, Jefferson; Colby Martinez, Columbus; Dawson Sweat, Townsend; Corban Johnson, Manhattan, Connor Giesecke, Big Timber; Matt Ivankovich, Columbus; Wade Rykal, Jefferson


First-team all-conference

Center: Adam Ellis, Townsend

Linemen: Tizer Sangray, Townsend; Wade Rykal, Jefferson; Matt Ivankovich, Columbus; Kincaid Teske, Columbus

Tight end: Jake Genger, Jefferson

Receiver: Gavin Vandenacre, Townsend; Colby Martinez, Columbus; Corban Johnson, Manhattan

Running back: Trey Johnannes, Columbus; Dawson Sweat, Townsend

Quarterback: Trey Hoveland, Townsend

Second-team all-conference

Center: A.J. Browning, Columbus

Linemen: Rory Lannen, Big Timber; Carson LeLacheur, Townsend; Case Kruse, Manhattan; Vann Preece, Columbus

Tight end: Kaeden Daniels, Columbus

Receiver: Kuirt Gullings, Big Timber; Austin Allen; Three Forks; Tom Meyer, Jefferson

Running back: Dylan Root, Jefferson; Cooper Cook, Columbus

Quarterback: Braden Morris, Jefferson


First-team all-conference

End: Wade Rykal, Jefferson; Carson LeLacheur, Townsend

Linemen: Matt Ivankovich, Columbus; Tizer Sangray, Townsend

Linebacker: Ridger Jones, Townsend; Jake Genger; Jefferson; Trey Johannes, Columbus; Dawson Sweat, Townsend

Secondary: Gavin Vandenacre, Townsend; Colby Martinez, Columbus; Corban Johnson, Manhattan; Braden Morris, Jefferson

Kicker: Drew Deming, Manhattan; Dylan Root, Jefferson

Punter: Trey Hoveland, Townsend

Kick returner: Luke Oxarart, Jefferson

Athlete: Connor Giesecke, Big Timber

Second-team all-conference

End: Braden Racht, Townsend; Kincaid Teske, Columbus

Linemen: Rory Lannen, Big Timber; Case Kruse, Manhattan

Linebacker: Klaus Rauser, Townsend; Cooper Cook, Columbus; Jace Oxarart, Jefferson; Connor Giesecke, Big Timber

Secondary: Tom Meyer, Jefferson; Bryan Racht, Townsend; Kuirt Gullings, Big Timber; Kaeden Daniels, Columbus

Punter: Caleb Smartnick; Jefferson

Kick returner: Jacob Buchigrani, Three Forks

Athlete: Klause Rauser, Townsend


Northern C


Safety: Bridger Vogl, Belt; Toby Niederegger, Chinook; Jeff Colesworthy, Choteau; Blake Harmon, Chester-Joplin-Inverness

Outside linebacker/cornerback: Carter Morgan, Choteau; Andrew Ballantyne, Fort Benton; Kyle Harmon, Chester-Joplin-Inverness; Carter McDowell, Simms; Preston Hastings, Cascade; Landis Arganbright, Fort Benton; Drake Berreth, Chinook; Bryce Lee, Shelby; Jeremy Nebel, Belt; Ethan Triplett, Belt; Steven Schubarth, Simms

Inside linebacker: Garett Metrione, Belt; Colter Ball, Fort Benton; Tyler Schoen, Chinook; Michael Leach, Simms; Tegan Jorgensen, Cascade; Jared Selander, Choteau; Jacob Remsh, Simms; Connor Sawyer, Cascade; Lane Hasler, Chinook

Defensive line: Brock Hanford, Fort Benton; Braxton Inman, Chinook; Memphis Black, Belt; Trevin Grammar, Chester-Joplin-Inverness; Dalray Begay, Harlem

Defensive end: Keaghn McDaniel, Belt; Tim Lane, Fort Benton; Rhett Reynolds, Shelby; Josey Hinderager, Simms; Oskar Pula, Chinook


Center: Cole Hepfner, Belt; Jacob Remsh, Simms; Trevin Grammar, Chester-Joplin-Inverness

Offensive guard: Brock Hanford, Fort Benton; Tim Lane, Fort Benton; Daniel MacLeod, Chinook; Ryker Elvrud, Chester-Joplin-Inverness; Jared Selander, Choteau; Steven Schubarth, Simms; Mason Munroe, Simms; Memphis Black, Belt

Wide receiver: Ethan Triplett, Belt; Toby Niederegger, Chinook; Carter McDowell, Simms; Preston Hastings; Cascade; Trenten Emerson, Shelby

Tight end: Keaghn McDaniel, Belt; Cody Evans, Fort Benton; Rhett Reynolds, Shelby; Connor Sawyer, Cascade; Landis Arganbright, Fort Benton; Josey Hinderager, Simms

Quarterback: Bridger Vogl,Belt; Kyle Harmon, Chester-Joplin-Inverness; Cade Ball, Fort Benton; Levi Jensen, Chinook

Fullback: Colter Ball, Fort Benton; Tyler Schoen, Chinook; Carter Morgan, Choteau; Colby South, Simms

Running back: Andrew Ballantyne, Fort Benton; Garrett Metrione, Belt; Michael Leach, Simms; Teagan Jorgensen, Cascade; Bryce Lee, Shelby; Jeffrey Colesworthy, Choteau; Hunter Molyneaux, Chinook

Punter/kicker: Ernest Puig Pons, Simms

Southern 8-man

All-state: Kaiden Batzler, Sheridan; John Wetmore, Park City; Jake Gauthier, Park City; Rye Brastrup, Joliet; Eyan Jordet, Park City; Hayden Ward, Joliet; Paxton McQuillan, Joliet; Reid Johnson, Twin Bridges; Kole Hill, Sheridan.


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