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A beautiful day for mountain bike racing saw another legendary performance by Tinker Juarez this weekend.

Juarez of Whittier, Calif., who has received numerous accolades and won dozens of honors in various racing circuits, blazed a trail along the Butte 100 Mountain Bike Race course on Saturday along Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest and BLM lands to capture the seventh annual edition with a record time of 8:03:51.609 shattering his own mark by 18 minutes, 50 seconds, which he previously set in 2012.

Juarez, the male Pro division winner was joined by his women’s counterpart in the 100-mile race, Lisa Curry of Bozeman (10:43:47.779) and the 50-mile winners Justin Doll of Salt Lake City (4:55:10.602) and Ivy Pedersen of Bozeman (6:28:34.742) who took the top prize from the male and female Pro divisions.

The start and finish lines were located at Homestake, just off the I-90 East exit.

Juarez, 52, rolled to an easy victory to defend his 2012 title at this event. Many in attendance marvelled at his dominance and tip top shape.

“I have picked up two jerseys this year so I am really stoked,” Juarez said of his solid 2013 season performance. “I won the 24-hour solo jersey, which is a U.S National jersey and I won the marathon National jersey less than a month ago.

Now he adds another win by taking down the Butte 100.

“Today, was good even if I was a little nervous since I got here on Friday and so I had to get up early,” Juarez said. “I kind of felt it a little bit, about half way, but then I got a second wind and kept on going. I would stop and fuel up at the checkpoints. I was hoping a little more water came out of the clouds but the (cloud cover) was nice. They made it a lot more comfortable to ride and not get all sweaty and using more energy than you have to.”

Curry also defended her 100-mile title on the women’s side even if it didn’t come easy. However, she still found the strength to break her own race record of 10:50.53 set in 2012.

“It seemed to hurt more this year and I am not sure why,” Curry said. “The course seemed similar, but maybe I went out a little faster at the start this year. The conditions were perfect and the temperature was really tolerable. The course rode great because last year it rained right before the race. It has to be one of the best races in the country. I haven’t done that many of this length, but the course is really challenging, but fun. I can’t imagine it being any better, honestly.”

On the 50-mile Pro division side, Doll crossed the finish line to become the first racer to complete his mission on the day.

“It was a blast after being a little worried about the temperature,” Doll said. “I heard all week that the temperatures were up because I am not a fan of hot, hot, heat. It was great, I got sprinkled on for a few minutes so it was great. The trails were beautiful and in great condition, and it was a great day to be out there. The clouds helped keep the sun from pounding down on you.”

Pedersen cruised to victory on the women’s side that saw only a handful entered in the Pro division.

“It was really fun and I had a blast,” Pedersen said. “There were really good trails and I felt good the whole time. It was really nice that we got some rain since I don’t do well in the heat. I did go over my handlebars. I got a loose and got a little aggro and excited. I would love to absolutely come back next year.”

Open division winners included, Missoula’s James Fields (5:25:02.590) in the 50-mile race and Jana Johnson of Kearsage, N.H. (6:49:09.284) who captured the 50-mile women’s competition.

Butte residents Shane Yaskus (6:26:03.355), Brandon Bradley (6:47:12.516), and Dave Stillwagon (6:58:14.619) all completed solid runs in the 50-mile Open Division.

Boise’s Josh Krattinger took first-place in the men’s 100-mile single speed race.

Nicholas Franczyk of Missoula took the top spot in the 50-mile single speed battle with a time of 5:30:17.567.

All four Pro division winners were awarded the King or Queen of the Mountains for their respective races for having made the Basin Creek climb first from out of their fields.

Juarez complemented the race as a whole as it continues to gain its share of increased positive attention since its inception.

“I think it is an awesome course, that’s why I come here,” Juarez said. “It is a hard race and you can’t have a bad day because you can suffer big time. It’s nothing but climbing the whole time and there really is no where where there are any flats. You are going in places where you don’t even know you are climbing, then you look at your speed, and you know you are.”

All results and times were unofficial according to Butte 100 race official Jon Wick. The final total results will be available in the Monday edition of The Montana Standard.

7th Annual Butte 100 Mountain Bike Race

Saturday, July 27

At Homestake

*unofficial results as of press time

(full official results will be available Monday, July 29)

Men’s 100-mile Pro division

1. Tinker Juarez (Whittier, Calif.) 8:03:51.609

2. Ben Parsons (Kalispell) 8:45:59.160

3. John Curry (Bozeman) 9:11:59.694

4. Matt Butterfield (Kalispell) 9:35:16.778

5. Alex Gallego (Missoula) 9:42:42.726

6. Ross Toelcke (Whitefish) 9:47:10.571

7. Adam Jensen (Missoula) 9:48:49.468

8. Kiefer Hahn (Missoula) 9:55:32.324

9. Jesse Doll (Missoula) 10:15:29.73

10. Brian Frykman (Bozeman) 10:42:07.773

Men’s 100-mile Open division

None as of press time

Men’s 100-mile Single Speed

1. Josh Krattiger (Boise, Idaho) 9:53:53.208

Women’s 100-mile Pro division

1. Lisa Curry (Bozeman) 10:43:47.779

Women’s 100-mile Open division

None as of press time

Men’s 50-mile Pro Division

1. Justin Doll (Salt Lake City, Utah) 4:55:10.602

2. Josh Tack (Whitefish) 5:12:39.018

3. Alan Adams (Missoula) 5:14:16.519

4. Grant Kier (Missoula) 5:30:41.856

5. Owen Gue (Missoula) 5:48:44.071

6. Selden Duame (Missoula) 5:52:55.428

Men’s 50-mile Open Division

1. James Fields (Missoula) 5:25:02.590

2. Travis Howard (Missoula) 5:27:17.046

3. Solon Linton ( Missoula) 5:35:46.564

4. Brian Heit (Steamboat Springs, Colo.) 5:39:51.567

5. Andrew Wilcox (Missoula) 5:46:37.169

6. Robert Gillespie (Missoula) 5:50:01.843

7. Bill Simmel (Missoula) 5:52:05.107

8. Sam Kavanagh ( Lakewood, Colo.) 5:59:52.005

9. Casey Kolendich (Missoula) 6:02:12.088

10. Justin Cloute (Missoula) 6:04:05.997.

Men’s 50-mile Single Speed

1. Nicholas Franczyk (Missoula) 5:30:17.567

2. Matthew Pagel (Missoula) 5:33:16.517

3. Craig Comstock (Missoula) 6:13:54.570

Women’s 50-mile Pro division

1. Ivy Pedersen (Bozeman) 6:28:34.742

Women’s 50-mile Open division

1. Jana Johnson (Kearsage, N.H.) 6:49:09.284

2. Kellie Carim ( Missoula) 6:49:42.218

3. Katie Reese (Bozeman) 7:00:13.970

4. Jennifer Bardsley (Missoula) 7:27:04.966

5. Aidan Myhre ( Helena) 7:28:34.486

6. Keri Allmacher (Missoula) 7:31:24.914


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