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The Masters

The British Open is canceled. The Masters has been postponed until two weeks before Thanksgiving. The PGA Championship has been temporarily moved back to August, to be followed by golf's U.S. Open in September. And, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, no one can say for sure if those three stateside major championships will even take place this year. With all this uncertainty, golf - like everything ...

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LUTZ, Fla. - My breaking point came on Masters Sunday. Instead of watching Tiger Woods' historic win at Augusta, I was watching ... nothing. My cable TV and internet had gone out, again, on a beautiful April day. Live sports was the only reason I had been tolerating cable's skyrocketing rates and worse-than-the-DMV customer service. But if cable was preventing me from watching one of the ...

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When Tiger Woods won the Masters last weekend, it was a moment many thought would never happen. Woods has been one of the most important figures in modern sports because of the way he rocketed into golf and exemplified excellence. He is second all-time on the list of wins (81) and majors (15), and reintroduced a generation to a tradition like no other. It was hard to think a time could come ...

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