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Snake Plant

TikTok user @thehouseplantpixie shows you how to save sad snake plants by taking the most healthy remaining cuttings and propagating them. This is perfect for saving abandoned sidewalk plants.

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If you’re looking for more variety in indoor plants, @brie.gallagher offers up a few more suggestions. While the easy-to-grow ZZ plants also makes this list, so does the quick growing vine pothos, the striking snake plant, and verdant green wax plant.

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Pet owners have another big concern when picking out their first plants: is this nontoxic for my dog or cat? TikTok user @joy.of.plants has those longtime pet parents and aspiring plant parents covered with this list of pet safe plants for beginners. Notably the pothos, snake plant, and ZZ plant are nixed from the list due to toxicity, but you can still hone your green thumb with the baby rubber plant peperomia, quick growing spider plant, and the waxy flowering hoya plant.

Shorter days and less direct sunlight mean that some of your houseplants might struggle through the fall and winter, but these hearty plants will survive the cooler seasons and give your home a pop of life on the chilliest winter days.

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