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First Amendment

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SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS, on a judge's order that CNN reporter Jim Acosta be allowed back into the White House: "Today, the court made clear that there is no absolute First Amendment right to access the White House." — statement Friday.

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A lawsuit against the publisher of a neo-Nazi website who is being sued for imploring his readers to conduct a “troll storm” against a Whitefish woman is likely to continue after a federal magistrate judge issued a finding that the First Amendment did not necessarily protect Andrew Anglin, publisher of the Daily Stormer.

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RICHMOND, Va. — As schools around the country brace for student walkouts following the deadly shooting in Parkland, Florida, principals and superintendents are scrambling to perform a delicate balancing act: How to let thousands of students exercise their First Amendment rights while not disrupting school and not pulling administrators into the raging debate over gun control.

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Your recent editorial withdrawing your endorsement of Gianforte shows there is still some semblance of intelligent life in Montana, although clearly in the minority. I was born and raised in Montana and am a graduate of MSU and UM. As a voter, I have always been an Independent. The recent elevation of a New Jersey thug as Montana's representative to the Congress of the United States, where he can support the destruction of health care and self-serving tax cuts for the wealthy, confirms my belief that Montana is a good place to be from and suffers from its own demented belief that the Second Amendment to the Constitution is the only one that is important and the First Amendment should apparently be disregarded. To paraphrase H.L. Mencken: "No one ever went broke or lost political office by underestimating the intelligence of the American public." Now confirmed yet again in Montana.

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The new administration is questioning the motives and actions of legitimate news outlets as a way to prioritize its own rhetoric, distract us …

WASHINGTON — The Battle of Palmito Ranch near Brownsville, Texas, on May 13, 1865, is called the last battle of the Civil War, but the Texas D…

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