Christine and the Queens' Chris is no role model
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Christine and the Queens' Chris doesn't want to be seen as a role model.

The 'Gone' singer - whose real name is Heloise Letessier - would rather be seen as "a hint of something" new because she is "afraid" of the pressure of the other title.

Asked about being a role model, she said: "I have always been wary of that title...

"Some artists were a hint for me. When I was really young, I saw 'Life On Mars' by David Bowie and realised that maybe there are ways to be in the world that are different. I like that idea way more than being a role model. I'm afraid of role models."

Chris - who is openly pansexual - thinks it is very important for people to accept themselves, even if it means rejection from others because it's vital to "live the life you were meant to live".

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She told Britain's Cosmopolitan magazine: "You have to allow yourself to be that person you crave to be so much. It may involve losing people - I did. But you have to live the life you were meant to live."

Despite her own fame, the world of celebrity makes the 31-year-old singer feel uncomfortable.

She admitted: "I see people with their phones out, checking who's the next most famous person to hang out with. To me, it feels like high school all over again."

The 'Tilted' hitmaker changed her name to Chris three years ago and feels "completely intertwined" with her new identity.

She said: "Me and Chris are completely intertwined now. It's a gesture of allowing myself to become who I want to be. Chris is me. I was just afraid to be it before."

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