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Yes on I-186

Greenough, Red Lodge, Hamilton, Dixon, Gallatin Gateway, Livingston, Shepherd, Darby, Lewiston, Big Timber, Ovando, Corvallis, Elmo, Wolf Creek, Harrison, Three Forks, Belgrade, Arlee, Troy, West Yellowstone.

Supporters of Yes for Responsible Mining, ballot Initiative 186 are like that old Johnny Cash song. They are everywhere. They are from all walks of life and all over Montana. Regular people, working people, all of whom know the value of clean water.

You can’t say the same of the opponents who want to keep on doing business as usual, keep on with the old ways that have allowed thousands of miles of Montana headwaters streams to become polluted with acid mine drainage forever. Forever is a long time.

The opponents would have you believe that they are regular Montanans. But get on the state’s website that tracks campaign contributions and you’ll find out that they are from places like South Africa, Canada and, of course, Australia. Tell me that an Australian company that mines out in the middle of the Outback that hasn’t seen a drop of rain since 1968 knows anything about mining underneath one of Montana’s best and most famous rivers. Are we going to trust foreign mining companies or are we going to trust regular Montanans? I’m voting Yes on I-186.

— Brian Wheeler, Dillon

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