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When will we learn?

What's going to happen? Will this country ever learn from past mistakes? President Trump said he was concerned about the gassing of civilians in Syria. So he ordered military strikes against Syria. Retaliate! Bomb, kill and destroy people we don't know because we need revenge.

Mr. Trump's presidency is in chaos. Mr. Trump's personal life is in disarray. Mr. Trump can't work with people in his own party. Mr. Trump can't work with people he has hired to work with him. But Mr. Trump can bomb other countries.

What short memories this President and past presidents have had. We cannot let chemical warfare take place. It is not humane. It is not right for the world! But do you remember Vietnam? The United States dropped 29 million gallons of agent Orange on Vietnam and it's people. The United States did this from 1961 to 1971. This chemical which contains Dioxin causes cancer, birth defects, rashes, psychological and neurological problems and death. You remember 58,000 young Americans died in this war. Thousands of U.S. Veterans have suffered health problems related to agent Orange. Millions of Vietnam children, women and men died and they still are dying.

Yes! Chemical weapons should not be used. But why stop at chemical weapons. Why do we kill each other? Trillions of dollars spent on war. And who wins? You already know that answer!

So Mr. Trump can now say, "look at me I am strong." "My bone spurs did not stop me from killing innocent people".

Enough is enough!

— LaVon Brillhart, Dillon


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