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What about Tester two-term pledge?

Having joined the Army after high school and serving 20 years active, I retired in Alabama. I read an article in the local newspaper (Anniston Star) about Jon Tester running against "the career politician," Conrad Burns. I remember the article quoted Mr. Tester as saying that he believed in citizen legislators and that he would serve two terms, then return to the farm.

I sent a couple of small contributions to his campaign. Since returning to Montana in 2007, I have attended several of his "listening sessions" and a couple of his campaign rallies.

I knew he would be running for a third term when he became a chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (2016). These committees (both sides) are a legal slush fund for raising campaign monies and making the right contacts. Sure enough, Senator Tester announced his third term reelection campaign in 2017.

I guess you can't keep them down on the farm once they have seen DC.

Sandra Salisbury, East Helena


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