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In response to anyone who wants to argue that social services are not vital to a community and that the free market provides for all they need, let’s forget the hype and look at reality.

As for the case that a free market offers upward mobility: Yes, but only for 50% of Americans, which has been the case for the last forty-four years, so you still need to acknowledge the needs of the other 29% who are lower income, unless you want to “sweep them under the rug”. As for suggesting giving US corporations a tax break will solve economic problems: U.S. corporations contributed 9% in federal income taxes in 2015, while individuals contributed 48%. There were 27 “profitable S&P 500” corporations, like GM, that paid no taxes at all that year. So giving tax breaks to corporations is not as great as presented.

As for suggesting that corporations provide people income and health care: Yes, they employed 19.2% of the individuals in the US in 2018, which leaves the remaining 80.8% either working in a small business, government, or being self-employed. So you have to acknowledge their needs for income and healthcare.

As for suggesting social services are not needed: Here’s what’s currently available to you and others: Social Security for the elderly & disabled, Medicare and Medicaid, prisons, healthcare assistance (ACA), court systems, policing departments, public schools, housing assistance for the homeless, fire service, job training, adoption services, environmental protection, public lands & parks, legislative systems… Do corporations offer these services for everyone?

As for arguing that you can get anything you want in the grocery store solely because of capitalism: Ask your local farmers and see how many get checks from the government to not produce their products so that you can get whatever you want when you want it.

So to argue that in some way voting for a Democrat, who supports social services, is voting for someone that is “Un-American” or stupid, think again because you are not presenting all the facts or taking into consideration all the people in America. You are not very aware, nor realistic.

The federal government is for all the people and that’s why we have it. Without it you would have a bunch of warring tribes instead of The United States.

Robb Blotkamp, Anaconda

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