We can and must take government back

Angry? Lost on what to do? Join the club! I have made it clear to Tester, Daines and Gianforte that the group I'm in, all Independent voters, will no longer take their form of representation. Party politics. It leaves out voters of all parties. It ignores the will of the people, the so-called bosses of this country's democracy.

We have gotten unanswered emails for our trouble. We have told them all, "Their silence proves several things!" To name a few: They can't or won't answer up to our concerns. They don't care enough for the people they claim they represent. If we don't agree with them we're not worth their time. We ask them if we are wrong in thinking this way and we get more silence. In anyone's view, now is that representation?

We as voters need to take claim of fault as well. Complaining, yet doing nothing is wrong. Backing a party and blaming the other is wrong. Buying the rhetoric of either party is wrong. Why? I just described what is wrong with Washington and we are mirroring it. We need to be better bosses. There is nothing wrong with demanding your Senators and Representative to govern for and by the people. That demand requires us to make sure they do just that. That is why they get paid AND what they all promise when campaigning.

There are some very innovative ways to achieve a functional government. It takes a majority — the larger the better — in those ways. We need to get on the same page and learn what NOT to do from government. We can see that the status quo doesn't and won't work.

Our government must feel the same fear we face every day. The loss of income and a job by not listening to our bosses, the uncertainty caused by them, not getting services we still continue to pay taxes for — to name just a few things from a very long list.

We can and must take government back. We find it disheartening that the few in Washington think they can do this to the 300-plus million left in the real America! So, quit complaining and start demanding. Don't hide in your homes like our representation hides in Washington. We're the bosses and we need to start acting like it!

— Keith Isaacson, Deer Lodge