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Wall needed for drugs

I’m not wild about President Trump’s policies, such as boosting greenhouse gasses, tax relief for the wealthy, junketeering his grudge against U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, but even Trump has his sunny side. If he can achieve the gargantuan goal of the border wall, he will have lived a life of triumph!

I was stuck at dope-riddled Los Angeles for six years, living in fear of crimes and incompetence of the dope fiends. This is the most urgent public works project we’ve ever required. If you’re tired of having relatives, friends and institutions ruined by contraband, you must admit the exigency of this win-win venture to make America truly great.

We, especially the wealthy, should pay for this resplendent wall; it’s stupid to waste excessive funds on foreign wars while the drug war ravages our land.

The Chinese wall served its purpose against the Mongols. The Russians had no wall, so Genghis Khan’s hordes of pony-riding, arrow-shooting nomads killed millions of them. Most Russians know that the survivors were uncommonly tough and wary, so that’s why Adolf Hitler’s armies were scared of them on the retreat back to Germany in World War II.

Lee Onishuk, Missoula

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