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Unfair to Bullock

I want everyone to know and spread the word about the hypocrisy of the national Democratic Party officials. They are not allowing Gov. Steve Bullock of Montana who announced his candidacy for president May 14 to participate in the debates cuz he does not meet their recently announced criteria. 

The national Democratic Party, which boasts about being the champion of the people and condemns the Republicans for voter suppression, says Bullock doesn’t meet their “standards” which include having a 1% rating in a group of polls approved by the national party executives or have 65,000 individual contributors, with 200 coming from 20 different states.

Bullock, as he so often proudly says, is the only Democrat governor to win in a red state. He’s a decent family man, former atty. gen. and just as deserving as any of the more than 2 dozen other candidates.

What those Eastern yahoos who run the Democrat party, especially the dimwit who’s chair fail, to grasp is that Bullock did not formally announce until the Legislature adjourned. In other words he was doing his job.

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I don’t know that Bullock will be my first choice for a candidate, although I am sure that he would do a good job as president.

I do know the Democrats are not being fair.

I urge every one to go online and give Steve 10 bucks for his campaign. Spread this word to friends in other states so that he has a convincing argument that he has met the standards set by people in the East who can’t see further than the Washington Beltway or the Manhattan skyscrapers.

Zena Beth McGlashan, Butte

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