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Trumpism rising again

Trumpism rising again

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Trumpism rising again

Things are unsettled worldwide — a Ryanair plane forced down by Belarus to arrest a dissident; a coup in Samoa.

“We the people” must keep vigilant or we could be pulled into autocracy. Could Samoa be a preview?

In order for an autocracy to be established, they must seize the media - - newspapers, radio, TV, social media, etc.

Shep Smith left FOX because of their being an eager accomplice in spreading misinformation, disinformation, and falsehoods. If falsehoods are repeated long enough and often enough, people begin to question reality, and eventually they believe the falsehood.

There is no such thing as fake news. You either tell the truth or you lie. The object of honest media is to tell the story of who, what, where, why, and how something happened. Not to invent a story. An invented story was that the 2020 election was stolen. No election was stolen. That is the truth. Believe.

They destroy our institutions like the CIA, State Department, and FBI, etc. Trump fired FBI Director Comey and in Helsinki Trump sided with Putin instead of our CIA.

Next they destroy our international relationships with like-minded countries. Instead they forge relations that align with autocracies. Trump tried to destroy the United Nations and professed a love of Kim Jong-un, Putin, and Xi - - all autocrats; while he barely tolerated the free world leaders of France, England, and Germany.

Beware of a one party system. The Republican Party is being destroyed from within; in-fighting over party leadership, who can be most loyal to Trump, and insurrection lies. Trumpism is attempting to destroy the Democratic Party by denigrating any action taken or by suggesting labels such as socialists.

Listen for dangerous word like “I and I alone can save the country.” Nowhere in that statement is “I will save democracy.”

I believed when Trump was gone, he was gone. Wrong. Like a vampire, Trump and Trumpism is rising again. Our democracy is extremely fragile. Regardless your party affiliation, we must believe Liz Cheney: Trump is dangerous for our democracy.

Mary Wolstein, Butte


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