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Trump lost

Trump lost

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Trump lost

Racism is not patriotic.

Anti-Semitism is not patriotic.

Wearing a mask during a pandemic is patriotic.

Waving an American flag does not make one a patriot. (Neither does hugging it.)

The Confederate flag is not a symbol of freedom.

Capital punishment is not pro-life.

A free press is not the enemy of the people. A seditious politician is.

Fox News is not "fair and balanced."

Donald Trump is conservative in name only.

Because Trump says it does not make it so!

Truth is not negotiable. There is no such thing as an "alternative fact."

Following and believing a narcissistic, psychopathic, autocratic, pathological liar is not smart.

Holding political power does not make any American above the law.

Fomenting insurrection against the government is a crime.

Sedition is not a Montana value.

Singing the National Anthem while breaking windows and assaulting police at the Capitol is far more disgraceful and disrespectful than kneeling when the anthem is sung at a sporting event.

81,283,098 votes are more than 74,222,958.

306 Electoral College votes are more than 232.

50-plus court decisions and multiple recounts are enough.

Trump lost.

Lawrence Garde, Missoula


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