Time for reasonable access to WSAs

When politicians or bureaucrats are inspired by popular movement or sentiment to take action on matters outside their area of expertise, they enact in-depth studies, thereby trying to appease all groups.

What has happened in the case of the Wilderness Study Area is they have been studied and forgotten. As a result of my advancing years, I no longer have access to areas without mechanical modes of transportation into the back country. I am not advocating for unrestricted use, just reasonable access by mechanical means that in the past, was open for our use.

Placing a sign, blocking the trail used for years that reads trail closed to motorized access to improve hunting opportunities and prevent the spread of noxious weeds is insulting. And, as pointed out by Representative Bill Harris of Winnett, can lead to catastrophic fire and property damage.

It's time for a quick review of these outdated WSAs and move them into manageable public lands accessible to all Montanan’s on all reasonable manner of transportation from horse to wheels. Support Senator Daines in his effort to release more WSAs for safety sake and access for fishing, hunting and other recreational activities.

 -- Mike Morris, Butte