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The party of 'no'?

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The party of 'no'?

When I was a child I told my Mother that I didn’t understand politics. She told me that the Republicans were for the rich and the Democrats were for the rest of us. That statement was the basic truth. Now it seems like the Republican Party only stands for the word “No!”

A resounding “No!” to the infrastructure bill. Once the bill passed Republicans began touting its virtues at town hall meetings or anyone listening to them, but they fail to mention a majority of the GOP Senators and Representatives voted to kill the bill.

“No!” to the March 4, 2021 COVID-19 Stimulus Bill. “No!” to protecting voting rights. Regardless of the question or legislation, the answer remains “No! No! No!”

GOP Attorney General Knudsen sued the Federal Government over vaccine mandates. Logic states the Republican Party is also saying “No!” to stopping COVID. The GOP is not representing the majority of Montanans- -over 60% of Montanans are vaccinated.

Restaurants and other businesses have reduced hours or closed their doors- -some for good. Neither customers nor employees want to be exposed to COVID. Simply going to work, shopping, or going out for a meal shouldn’t carry a possible death sentence.

The greatest advantage of the vaccine is preventing death from COVID. Right now, 90% of hospitalized COVID patients are unvaccinated. Why would anyone want to up their chance of dying in the near future? Most people don’t want to think about dying because there are lots of things they still want to do. Most of us want to return to normal life.

How can life return to normal with the threat of death hanging over our heads every time we leave the safety of our homes? None of us will be safe until all of us are safe.

Tell the GOP anti-vaxers to stop this nonsense. Get vaccinated. The life you save may be yours. 

Mary Wolstein, Butte


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