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Tester has veteran's vote

Sen. Tester has this veteran's vote.

As a retired Army Nurse Corps Officer with over 20 years active duty, I am proud of my service to this nation and proud of Senator Jon Tester.

As a Montana State Senator and especially one of the two leaders on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, Senator Tester has a moral obligation to represent Montana’s veterans — not special interests or political nominees.

Senator Tester investigated allegations reported by over 20 active duty and retired military personnel of alarming accusations related to Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson. These allegations included drunken behavior that rendered him unfit to properly perform his duties, was responsible for creating a hostile work environment, inappropriately prescribed and handed out controlled medications. Senator Tester did his job in regards to questioning Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson’s ability to serve as the head of the Veterans Administration.

Whether or not these allegations are true (and remember there were over 20 individual reports), veterans have a right to know what military personnel who work with Jackson have seen and say about him. Regardless of these accusations, Admiral Ronny Jackson does not have the experience or qualifications to oversee an agency as large and important as the VA.

Numerous military members have risked their careers to relay this information to Senator Tester and it would have been irresponsible of him to ignore these reports.

I wish to thank the honorable Senator Jon Tester for standing up not just for Montana’s military veterans but for all military veterans by doing what is right.

— Noel Mathis, Major, U.S. Army (Retired), Butte

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