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Mr. Trump, I have heard you use the word terrorist many times. The recent hate crimes: the killings of American Jews in synagogues and the murders of African Americans in their churches, are acts of terrorism.

The perpetrators have been young, white, American males. Not American Muslims, not Americans of color, not even undocumented immigrants. They have been white supremacists - American white supremacists. We could call this “movement” what it is: A White Supremacist Jihad.

Mr. Trump, you have said you are not anti-Semitic, that nobody loves "the" Jews like you. You seem to support Benjamin Netanyahu unconditionally. You have moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem and stated that the West Bank should be part of Israel.

This proves your love for the Jewish people? They should re-elect you? Do you think Jewish Americans are so easily bought? That these political moves prove your "love"? I know an important part of your religious base are American evangelicals and they are cheering your Israeli politics. But I think you could show Jews just how much you love them by using your bully pulpit and calling out white supremacists for what they are: TERRORISTS.

Saving the life of any American, any human being, that is targeted — especially in a house of worship, shows true concern and love. That will get all Americans' attention to this homegrown insanity. And since your true agenda is always about you, and staying in power — maybe that will garner more votes.

Marlyn Atkins, Clancy


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