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Socialism is slavery

Socialism is slavery

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Socialism is slavery

When a person forcibly takes someone else’s earnings it is correctly termed slavery. When a government forcibly takes someone’s earnings and gives it to another, it is also correctly termed slavery. It is worse when a government sanctions and enacts it. It is significantly worse when it is disguised as wealth redistribution, which is a clever, however successful, ploy to deceive people into feeling it is justified or beneficial for the whole to steal from the individual.

Long ago our government allowed individual citizens to exert 100% slavery over other citizens. It was wrong then. Now, our government wants to do it again but in graduated amounts. It is still wrong. Government authorization does not determine morality. Which method is worse? Is it the one who acts on their own accord? Or is it the one who has the Government act for them, and because it is enacted by direction, feels it is then acceptable and they deserve it?

Throughout history, socialism has failed. Some blame imperfect leaders and imperfect decisions in an imperfect system. While those are all true, the failure of socialism is the blatant immorality harbored within. It is not sensible to act “for the good of all” while treating a portion of that same group contrarily. What person thinks it is justifiable to make another subsidize them? How can someone in good conscience justify taking other people’s earnings?

Any government that takes from one person against their will and gives it to another effectively puts the former in bondage. It is immoral, even if condoned and voted in by the majority of society (“Two wolves and one lamb voting on what to have for dinner”). It is simply enslaving others under the pretense of justice, equality, or social standing. The ends don’t justify the means. Socialism will always fail. But, unless there is 100% voluntary approval from the entire population, it is simply “slavery light”.

Legalization does not justify or make it acceptable. There is not a percentage threshold where it becomes OK or tolerable, nor is there a net worth that makes it acceptable.

See: Thidwick the Bighearted Moose – by Dr. Seuss

Morgan Sandall, Dillon


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