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See the hypocrisy?

See the hypocrisy?

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See the hypocrisy?

The Governor has accused President Biden of government overreach by his requiring vaccination. We are in the middle of a pandemic that is killing people and overwhelming our healthcare systems. Governor, YOU are behind our state NOT allowing businesses to require vaccinations for employees. Montana is the ONLY state to do that. Is that government overreach? Do you see the contradictions, the hypocrisy?

I am the retired Program Manager over Communicable Disease Epidemiology for the state of Montana. Countries since the beginning of civilization have had the right to protect their citizens from infectious diseases including ours. I wrote the policies and procedures for stopping people with HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis from transmitting those diseases to other innocent citizens per state law. Local health departments enforce them. According to your logic Governor, its their bodies and their choice if they want to engage in behaviors that can transmit those diseases. Isn't that correct? Do you need to change those laws Governor?

It is NOT government overreach to protect the citizens. Quit being a hypocrite when it suits your purposes. Protect your citizens from a vocal minority of ignorant people who don't see their own contradictions. You are no better.

Karl Milhon, Clancy



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