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Living in Montana is a constant reminder we are in the middle of a diverse and ecologically beautiful place. One thread that weaves through all these is the impact that bees and pollinators have on the beautiful parts of our state.

A study found that more than half of all native bee populations are in decline. We need to do all we can to protect their diminishing environments. Beekeepers report losing an average of 30% of honeybee colonies each winter, far outside the sustainable rate. Without pollinators, these important threads will be lost. Montana ranks second in the U.S. for its honey and pollination industry, an it is an important factor in our economy.

Bees and their health affect all of us and our food supply. We rely on bees to pollinate our food, yet we’re using bee-killing pesticides to grow our crops. I hope that all Montanans, including Gov. Steve Bullock, will hear this call to action to help ban the use of known bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides on a statewide level.

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Let’s have Montana be on the forefront of this decisive action to safeguard our food and our biodiversity, and ban the use of these pesticides.

Eustacia Kathrens, Missoula

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