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On April 30, the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem committee met to present their false science and to convince the general public that grizzly bears should be delisted from the Endangered Species Act. The fix is in for a phony recovery scheme and delisting by highly paid government workers without the general public suspecting such treachery.

In my days in aerospace engineering this was called “reverse engineering.” The tactic is to predetermine an outcome you desire and then produce fake science to prove the premise you want people to believe.

Representatives of the environmental community were present to testify and appeal to the NCDE committee to save the grizzly bear from delisting but, as usual, their pleas were ignored.

The public must protest these false meetings with predetermined results in a corrupt agency culture and come forward to save the grizzly in a massive protest on opinion pages of local and national newspapers. We can only hope that these agencies with their evil employees will be rebuked by the courts as a result.

The grizzly bear is a noble animal and deserves to survive as Mother Nature intended, notwithstanding the greed and politics of the human species that has already reduced their original habitat by 98 percent.

Bill Baum, Bad Rock Canyon

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