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Having voted for 50 some years, I have endured quite a few campaign promises. I soon understood such promises were not meant to be kept, only to enhance electoral success.

Regrettably, our President hasn't shifted out of campaign "gear" into governing "gear."

He often says he knows more than anyone else about every subject under the sun.

Wise leaders surround themselves with bright, experienced, respected advisers, who offer counsel, with constructive options, providing wiggle room to enhance prospects of legislative agreement.

His continued "Build the Wall" chant has boxed him in. His "base" erroneously believe that a "wall" is border security, not merely a component.

This myopic obsession has led to "real" insecurity among thousands of workers and their families across our country due to his government shutdown.

I refer President Trump to words attributed to Henry Clay, an early American Statesman:

"Politics is not about ideological purity or moral self-righteousness. It is about governing. If a politician cannot compromise, he cannot govern effectively".

Respectfully, Mr. President, your constituency is not limited to those who voted for you; nor should your "kitchen cabinet" consist solely of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity.

Swallow your pride, reach across the aisle, achieve compromise and open the government. That is what real leadership is.

John Ilgenfritz, Helena

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