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Pelosi: Do your job

An Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi:

Abraham Lincoln would not be proud of this nation's refusal to "deal with" this fake president. Nor would any of our great presidents call you a friend of the nation.

You are aiding and abetting this creature's (I cannot call him a man) crimes.

You are in direct violation of your oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America! What is he doing for you that you are so willing to be complicit in his crimes?

Your failure to do your duty according to the constitution and by the rules of the Congress is enabling him in all his unspeakable acts of barbarity.

Our nation is suffering cruelly on the world stage. Our children see your cowardice and will emulate it. Our little girls need strong role models to guide them into womanhood and you are failing them as you fail our nation.

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You actively campaigned for the offices you hold, both as a representative of the people in your district and as the Speaker of the House. If you are not willing to perform either office, step down and let someone else lead in ridding our nation of this cancer.

This is no time for cowards; this is a time for heroes/heroines.

There is no time to equivocate; it is a time for true leadership.

Get off your ass and do your duty by the people of this nation or go down in history as the single person most responsible for enabling this monster and the destruction of our national character.

Do your job!

CJ Lee, Butte

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