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Not a Republican

Just why do so many Republicans in Congress still support President Trump? They know he is not a Republican. He calls himself a Republican but he does not have Republican values. For the most part the only values President Trump has is, "everything for me, you are below me.!" They know down deep when push comes to shove Mr. Trump would push anyone under the bus to save his own hide. They know he is incapable of telling the truth. They know he has told over 13,000 lies since he became President. They know he cannot work with others. Over 230 people working for Mr.Trump in the White House have either quit or been fired.

They all know Mr.Trump has lied about the budget and has added a trillion dollars to the U.S. debt. They know he caused the longest shutdown in the U.S. Government that cost thousands out of jobs and caused billions of dollars added to the deficit.

They know he has cut money from 66 federal programs, such as Agriculture Department, Education, Energy, Justice, Labor, Environmental Protection Agency to name just a few. This has hurt many congressional districts at home. They know he has put tariffs on many goods and products that have hurt American business and consumers., And where did the money go?

These Congressional men and women know the facts. And the facts are not good! Do they not care? Have they sold out America? Have they turned their backs on truth and decency?

Just why do the Republicans in Congress support Mr. Trump? He is not a Republican!

LaVon Brillhart, Dillon

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