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New parking garage has flaws

Our long anticipated parking garage is here.

Myself, I’d love to admire it, but too many flaws distract the eye.

The bricks appear to be different than planned and the tiles are far from the classic deep blue, larger tiles on a flat surface we were led to expect.

Furthermore there is haphazard finishing work.

Not only warped tile work, but missing tiles, exposed mastic, poorly concealed shims, messy caulking spills on the railing, lopsided entry/exit signs, eyebolts which are color clashed with the black channel iron framework — some of them are mounted straight, some are crooked. A few bolts are carelessly smeared with black paint, some are left bare, which creates disharmonious design flow. And what’s with the entryway flooring gaps which are randomly covered with plywood. I could go on here, but don’t want to lose the reader’s attention. Hopefully, you’ll take the time to look up close with a critical eye. If you haven’t already, I hope you speak up. Butte citizens really need to urge the URA to see this project through to perfection. The URA should not approve final payment until the building looks like what we were promised (google Uptown Parking Garage Butte MT HD to see what Collaborative Design Architects envisioned).

Many of us hold the first block of Park Street off Main quite dear. Uptown businesses attract numerous visitors. Farmer’s markets and festivals typically host thousands of local customers and tourists. They will all see it up close and should be able to admire a state-of-the-art building. $7.4 million is a hefty price tag for us taxpayers. Shouldn’t we take a hard look and see if we got our money’s worth?

— Debbie Nokes, Butte


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