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This is in response to the recent letter about pardoning a Turkey. It sounds like a sweet idea but it is only an emotional ploy to help people relieve artificial guilt brought on by misinformation. Let’s look at a few facts about the meat industry that Brad doesn’t know.

Reason you are sleepy after a heavy meal is tryptophan an amino acid found in plenty of foods, both plant and meat, helping you relax.

Food recalls are up in both plant and meat, mostly because technology can identify quicker problems in our food. It shows our system works.

Hormones are necessary in anything that grows. It’s illegal to add hormones to pork and poultry. Beef naturally have 1.3 nomograms, added has 1.9, tofu naturally has 51,483,600 namograms.

Since the 1960s beef cuts have reduced fat by 80%, there are 66 lean cuts of beef to choose from.

Antibiotics are tested with any slaughtered animal that has an injection site.

There are 3.2 M farmers on 2 M farms that feed 320 M people, 87% are small businesses, pretty efficient system. Since 1977 ranchers use 19% less feed, 12% less water and 33% less land to feed the US. 68% of the land is unusable for anything else besides pasture for animals, turning indigestible matter for humans into high protein that is usable. Agriculture’s carbon footprint has been reduced 16% since 1977, can the transportation industry say that.

Animals supply hundreds of products including rubber, artificial eggs and medicine.

Sleepless nights belong to ranchers; we lose sleep worrying about our animals with weather and predators. They feed before they eat; they build their barns before their homes.

An abused or unhappy animal does not thrive causing a loss of income.

Animal rights use scare tactics to get you to give, 48% goes to their retirement funds, large portions for lobbying laws that make it more difficult not easier on animals.

Eating a balanced meals with a variety of foods is essential to good health, of course good habits and genetics contribute even more. Food should be enjoyed not feared.

Patty Sayler, Butte

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