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Pot issue illustrates conservative hypocrisy

Conservative hypocrisy is illustrated in the intent of Trump's attorney general to reverse Obama's more permissive stance toward marijuana. Conservatives bellow "states rights" when opposing the federal guarantee of civil rights for all Americans, or the federal principle of separation of church and state, or in their determination to use the states as pass-throughs to give public lands to exploiters, polluters and other special interests.

But when conservatives capture the federal government, they want to use federal power to obliterate a state's ability to use more enlightened approaches in the regulation of our personal lives. In effect, they work to supplant the Bill of Rights with a national Ten Commandments.

To conservatives, "freedom" has always meant the freedom to exploit, and to ignore the commonwealth and the rights of others, whether they are led by a George Wallace or a Donald Trump.

-- Lawrence Pettit, Helena


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