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The Glacier County Central Committee’s preference was to stay out of this dispute in the Montana House of Representatives. Yet the far-right faction has it appearing everywhere…Facebook, papers, emails, etc. It needs to be answered.

Super-majority requirements, expectations and pressures in legislative bodies are killing our nation’s ability to serve its people. It is time to rid our nation and state of this political practice.

Representative Butcher and crowd would have you believe that there is a group designated as the “Democrat Wing” of the Republican Party who will ruin the legislative works and the Republicans would lose power. He infers they are pouting over positions lost. This cannot be true. These 14 or so sensible Republican people represent their constituents as expected. I have worked with many of these hard-working people belittled by Rep. Butcher and never found them to be petty or power-hungry.

Republican Central Committees work hard to get representatives elected who will represent the approximately 10,000 people living within that district. Each district has issues. The rural communities are stymied by the “ruling power” of the largely populated areas. Rural needs are different, yet as important as the urban. Using the “super-majority” rule further obstructs the voice of the constituent.

The fear of losing power has overcome sensibility. The “super-majority” rules came into play during a different era of politics…much less polarized than now. Get rid of rules that prevent simple majority rule which includes intense discussion and brings about bills created to fit the needs of the state. With a super-majority rule, bills are controlled by the few who are in power, and they dictate what will happen in our legislative sessions.

Let the people speak!

Liane Johnson, Former Chair of the Montana Republican Party, Glacier County Central Committee Chair

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