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Leftist fascism?

Leftist fascism?

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Leftist fascism?

Democrats, the left-wing media, and big tech are conspiring to install a fascist dictatorship in America. They want absolute control of all thought, speech, and the nominally of our economy.

Social media giants and the leftist government elites "the swamp" have reasserted their hegemony by installing old Joe in the White House.They are all marching in the same direction while dissenters are stigmatized, demonized, framed, silenced and isolated for crimes they didn't commit.

A conspiracy between the media, big tech and the Democrats.

They are currently .propagating the "Big Lie," that Trump incited violence and attempted a coup on January 6th, he didn't. If the fascists aren't stopped soon, what we have now is only the beginning. Ronald Reagan said in 1987, that if fascism was to return to America, the left would bring it.

Gerald Christensen, Anaconda


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