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Just hang up and drive

On Nov. 18, 2017, as I was driving toward BSW on Cobban Street, an emergency vehicle was ahead of me responding to a call. It had its lights on and when it approach Farragut it slowed for the red light because a young male driver was turning in front of the emergency vehicle. After his turn he pulled over by the laundromat when the EMT (Rescue!) was already through the light.

As I got closer, I thought how dumb can this person be as he was looking down at his lap area? I guess his texting was more important than anything else? His stupidity could have worsened the situation for him and the call they were responding to.

I would hope that emergency vehicles are also equipped with video cams for situations like these. It may sound like profiling, but the majority of the time I see females talking on the phone or texting even with kids in the vehicle.

I wouldn't care if it was the President of the United States calling me while I was driving, he's going to wait until it's safe to respond when it's safe.

-- Eldon Beall, Butte

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