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It's all over U.S. Congress and news media: "No collusion no obstruction."

After three years and nearly 30 million of tax dollars spent — wasted — the long-awaited 448-page Mueller report is out. He stated also no collusion no obstruction and his 18 Democrat attorneys were sent home.

It's over. Time to do now your jobs now and face reality. The southern border security, immigration and changing the amnesty law is needed.

The political boomerang is returning to the senders. Investigations are underway by DOJ on the origin of the Mueller probe, fake Russian Steele dossier: who paid for it — and the signed fake FISA application to spy on Amrican citizens — all federal felonies. Attemps to unseat a duly elected president failed. Mueller came up empty-handed. So sad.

Yes, the 2020 election is coming up with a booming Trump economy, highly successful and best in 21 years. Unemployment for all is at an all-time low. Time to move on for the nation, address immigration laws not realistic and just a one hour job to change. Fund border security and protect our nation from crime,drugs and human traffickjing. We are a nation of laws. Stop your whining in the halls of Congress and earn your $300,000 a year.

It's over. A probe that was illegal from day one. A crime must be identified before a special counsel is even appointed. No crime. It was a hoax.

Don't waste our time anymore on the Mueller hoax ! The voters decide in this nation and will again in 2020.

A serious crisis also in Venezuela very little reported by the media no food no water, people dying every day, isn't that news and a socialist country that failed the people? Socialism does not work — it's proven again.

The witch-hunt hoax is over. Time to move on. Get realistic. Do your elected jobs for our nation.

Jack Jones, Butte

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