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Heroic leadership?

Donald Blackketter should be regarded as a hero in Butte.

As for the hit piece written by Ted McDermott having student and faculty voices protest the downsizing of these programs. Why even give these people a voice? It’s not like they lived in the community for a long time, written albums, or even worked with non-profit organizations to help preserve Butte’s environment!

Donald Blackketter came to Butte to be a part of the community, to save Butte by stemming the brain drain problem by producing more and more petroleum and mining engineering students. Look how many engineers stay in Montana after they have graduated! They aren’t leaving to go to Elko, Texas, or even North Dakota. Nope, they stay here in Butte, America!

This week, Montana Tech announced the removal of unnecessary programs like Health Care Informatics, Data Science and Statistics, or Professional and Technical Information. I mean with names that are bloated and leave quizzical looks on recruiters' faces, why even have them at Montana Tech?

It’s much sexier to have engineering buildings that are sponsored by BP, Chevron, and Newmont. With these sponsors, the school can use those resources can be used to build new state-of-the-art engineering facilities or even the futuristic Zaha Hadid inspired Student Success Center opening in 2019.

According the Tech website; Montana Tech generates almost $7 million in state taxes! With more engineering graduates, especially from upstanding and honest regimes like Saudi Arabia, that number will surely go to $100 million! I hope Blackketter gives the crown-prince a hi-five too!

So, let’s have a toast tonight to Donald Blackketter. The Copper Kings made Butte and today their ghosts today are grinning at Blackketter’s vision. I think I even see the ghost of Clark, sitting on his porch, drinking a cold lemonade and laughing at those Tech students who chose to make a home here in this city. Donald M. Blackketter, I hope you are immortalized forever, as the man who saved Butte.

Adam Hawks, Butte

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