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Gallagher lacks experience for chief executive

Gallagher lacks experience for chief executive

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Gallagher lacks experience 

J.P. Gallagher will not get my vote for BSB Chief Executive, because of his attitude, and he has neither the intelligence nor the experience sufficient to the job.

In 2018, Gallagher proudly, and I believe unilaterally, shut down the shooting area behind Big Butte, fenced it off, and plowed ditches across a road located there and used notoriously for well over 100 years.

On KXLF, Gallagher stated:

If people want to go shooting, they can just go join the Butte Gun Club.

It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt back here.

Thus, if you don’t like that the BSB Recreation Director arbitrarily shuts down your recreational activity, you can just go pay for it. Do those who walk or ride a mountain bike behind the M have to pay for their recreational activity?

When I came home in 1986, you could shoot anywhere behind Tech. Some people began to complain about this in the late 90’s. The Commissioners formed a committee to assess shooting behind Tech. Members of the committee included Commissioners Art Laramie and Bill Melvin, Sheriff John McPherson, Joe Griffin, a few others and me.

The committee had two results that were written into an ordinance:

Shooting behind Big Butte is a valid recreational activity.

An area was designated in which shooting could occur.

However, J.P. Gallagher felt he could unilaterally abrogate the ordinance that had been developed by a group of Butte citizens. “You can go join the gun club!” He closed a public road, too.

“Someone will get hurt.” Risk involves consequences and probabilities. Getting shot is a bad consequence. I know of no instance of anyone being shot behind Big Butte, not since I started shooting in the early 60’s. Is there a high probability of someone getting hurt? No. There is a higher probability of getting killed on Front Street, as happened recently.

Dealing with the activities of the Consent Decree requires more than grade school intelligence. Dealing with federal and state environmental agencies and principal responsible parties requires varied experience; experience not acquired putting up swing-sets and mowing lawns.

— Steve Kujawa, Butte


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