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Fossil fuels needed today

Fossil fuels needed today

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Fossil fuels needed today

In Rick Crone's letter of 2/9/21, he stated at least five times that solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources are the future and says that fossil fuels are a thing of the past. But fossil fuels are the energy sources of the present, accounting for 80% of our current energy needs.

Wind and solar currently provide less than 4% of the electricity generated in the US.

Yet Joe Biden is ready to kill off the oil and gas industry now.

We all want clean energy, but no matter what politicians tell us, green energy will not replace fossil fuels overnight, if ever.

Hindering the production of fossil fuels will severely hurt our economy when other large nations like China and India continue to build coal-fired electrical generating plants to boost their economies.

If the US could convert to green energy overnight, it would have minimal effect on worldwide air quality. The USA accounts for less than 14% of worldwide carbon dioxide emissions. Not only will the price of fuel skyrocket in the US, but so will many other items we use daily.

Oil and gas are essential in the production of all plastics, tires, paint, roofing, medicines, and thousands of other products. Check out the website ( Oil and gas in everyday life ( ) to see just some of the essential products that are made from petroleum. Even wind-turbine blades are made of carbon fiber, which consists of layers of plastics and plastic resin, both of which are derived from oil and natural gas. Along with fossil fuels, massive amounts of steel are required to make wind turbines.

A recent article in Forbes said “the unavailability of sufficient steel prevents wind from replacing just coal, since that would take 10 billion tons of steel. The total annual global production of steel is only 1.6 billion tons.”

Wind and solar are expected to replace our current electrical needs plus provide massive additional amounts of electricity required charge the batteries of millions of electric automobiles. How is that possible? Besides, these two sources of energy are not reliable when the sun is not shining, or the wind is not blowing.

Brownouts and blackouts are the wave of the future! The oil and gas industry is essential and will be essential to maintain our lifestyle for many years to come. It is way too early to attempt to crush it under the thumb of a false sense of security.

Gary Kump, Butte


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